iCivics & ELL: Resources to Engage Your Multilingual Classroom 

Civics is for everyone. Empower and equip English (ELs), multilingual learners (MLs), and Spanish speakers with iCivics resources. We are committed to helping every student understand our system of government and be inspired to be civically engaged. 

That is why leveled English Language Learning (ELL) supports are available throughout our resources. Explore the library of resources with EL/ML Supports!

We also offer Spanish-language versions of our most popular games, infographics, and the Constitution EXPLAINED video series. Discover the growing library of Spanish-translated resources!


Most iCivics games are available with EL supports and Spanish translations. 

Do I Have a Right?

Play Time: 30+ min
Run a law firm and test your knowledge of constitutional rights.
Bilingual students speak about Do I Have A Right?

Branches of Power

Play Time: 30+ min
Learn to control all three branches of the U.S. government!
Tráiler en español

Win the White House

Play Time: 30+ min
Run your own presidential campaign!
Tráiler en español

People’s Pie

Play Time: 15-30 min
Can you create and balance the budget for a whole country?
Tráiler en español


  • Option to play in Spanish or English
  • English-language voiceover, glossary, and gameplay scaffolds
  • Embedded & printable content guides
  • Available on the web and as Apps to play on tablets

Extension Packs

To help you make the most out of learning, we now have Spanish-translated versions of our Extension Packs to accompany these games! 

Extension Packs provide tips, instruction, and guidance on making the most of our games in the classroom. These extension activities build reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills – as well as content knowledge! 

Read more about how to use and customize extension packs in your classroom! 


The Constitution EXPLAINED, a series of 35 short videos available in English and Spanish, makes the U.S. Constitution accessible to all students by exploring every article and amendment in straightforward and easily digestible segments that provide both context and modern relevance.

Accompanying bilingual Teacher Guides will equip you to engage your students, including Spanish speakers and multilingual learners, and deepen learning.

Lesson Plans

Our ever-expanding library of Spanish-language resources now includes 40 lesson plans. These lists will help you plan ahead as you work to empower your Spanish-speaking English and multilingual learners (ELs/MLs).

Use Kami for more accessibility

We have teamed up with Kami, the leading digital classroom app to offer more flexibility to use our lessons digitally. With Kami, ELs/MLs can highlight, annotate, and mark-up iCivics lessons. There is also a text-to-speech feature to read the text aloud as well as a built-in dictionary. And, students and teachers can leave each other video, voice, or screen capture comments to explain or share feedback. For more information, click here.


Infographics introduce students to a new civics topic, as well as practice much-needed visual literacy skills.

Since infographics present information concisely, visually, and broken into manageable chunks, they are a great tool for ELs and MLs. Infographics are an excellent way to scaffold instruction and present content while meeting students’ language needs. They also include teacher guides with background information, comprehension questions, and vocabulary.

Along with infographics being great tools for teaching EL/ML students, iCivics has a growing library of infographics available in Spanish.