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Introducing Civic Digital Literacy

A New Resource Library from iCivics and the Digital Inquiry Group

How do we discern if online information is trustworthy? Are we equipping young people to evaluate the information they encounter online every day?

We believe that identifying and discerning credible information online is a critical component of being an informed and engaged member of a democracy. That is why iCivics and the Digital Inquiry Group have partnered to create Civic Digital Literacy.

iCivics and the Digital Inquiry Group share a commitment to making nonpartisan, evidence-based, classroom-ready materials for educators. Civic Digital Literacy is a resource library that supports iCivics in its mission to provide equitable, non-partisan civic education resources so that the practice of democracy is learned by each new generation. The Digital Inquiry Group, founded by Joel Breakstone and Sam Wineburg, is partnering with iCivics to share its extensive expertise in both digital literacy research and classroom implementation.

Launching in Fall 2024, Civic Digital Literacy will include 15 lesson plans, 10 student-facing videos, and 6 videos for teachers covering a range of topics, from how to determine who’s behind cloaked websites to evaluating political claims shared on social media.

Preview these essential tools for teaching digital literacy:

Lesson Plan

Artificially Speaking: AI Chatbot Claims

Preview of Artificially Speaking Lesson Plan

Student Video

How Artificial Intelligence Could Influence Elections

Teacher Video

Making the Case for Civic Digital Literacy

We can’t wait to launch the full suite of resources this fall
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