Build News Literacy Skills with iCivics

Strong media literacy skills are more essential than ever. Students engage with a plethora of media sources every day; sharpening news literacy skills helps students develop the critical thinking skills needed to evaluate the reliability and credibility of information and sources.

Not sure where to start? We’re here to take the planning off your plate. Use these highly recommended, flexible resources to engage students and have some fun.

News Literacy Choice Board


Our News Literacy Choice Board allows your students to choose activities to complete that give them practice identifying credible information, seeking out reliable sources, and thinking critically about what they see, hear, and read in the news.

We left the direction line on the choice board blank so you could customize it for your classroom. Have students complete all of the activities in a row or column or bounce around the board. Key news literacy lessons, which can be assigned from our site, are noted with an asterisk (*).

Download the Choice Board

Mini-Lessons Combining Civics & News Literacy Skills

If you don’t have much time to plan for News Literacy Week, check out our Media Moment Mini-Lessons. These quick lessons combine civic content and media literacy skills and consist of a content reading, a news literacy highlight, and a one-page news literacy activity. Each of these lessons can be assigned with Kami and they can be found in our Executive Branch, Legislative Branch, and Judicial Branch units.

Below is a sample of our Media Moment Mini-Lesson: Veto Power for high school students!

Step-By-Step Teacher’s Guide

Ready-To-Use Student Documents

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Play NewsFeed Defenders

With close to two million gameplays since its launch in 2018, NewsFeed Defenders is a fan favorite! In NewsFeed Defenders, players navigate online content by moderating a social news platform, Newsably. Players are charged with attracting new readers to the site while also fighting against clickbait, viral deception, and bias. 

Teach around the game with resources in the NewsFeed Defenders Extension Pack, which includes student handouts and PowerPoints decks. 

Assign the Game

Weekly Planner: Mad News Literacy Skills

Middle School Planner- Mad News Literacy Skills_Page_2

Our media literacy-focused Weekly Planners provides three days of grab-and-go activities built around our game, NewsFeed Defenders. Just download and distribute! Or feel free to customize to suit your needs.

Get The Middle School Planner
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Your Planning Guide: iCivics Scope and Sequence

Looking for a quicker way to plan your lessons? Our Scope & Sequence includes all of our resources, which work as complete and comprehensive units or can be used as individual items to be mixed and matched with your existing plans.

Download the Scope & Sequence