Taking iCivics Lessons to Another Level with Kami

We know that you need lessons that are accessible, engaging, and easy to assign. That’s why we teamed up with Kami, the leading digital classroom app used by over 23 million educators and students around the world, to offer more flexibility to use our lessons digitally. With Kami, students can annotate and mark-up iCivics lessons within their web browser, empowering them to think, collaborate, and succeed in more creative ways. 

Kami is now ready to use with iCivics. Before you dive in, watch this short introductory video to learn about how we’ve integrated the technology. You can also watch our pre-recorded session on Activating Civic Knowledge with Kami and view Kami’s introductory video “What is Kami?” here. 

Find Lessons to Assign with Kami

New Tools Offered by Kami:

With Kami, you can assign iCivics lessons. Students can use interactive tools to complete it, and then submit the assignment back to you within their web browser. Some tools include:

  • Text box: allows students to place text anywhere in the document (great for worksheet completion!)
  • Comment: Leave video, voice, or screen capture comments to explain, demonstrate, or share feedback in preferred way
  • Highlighter: students can mark up readings and activities (active reading support)
  • Drawing: freehand drawings to be placed anywhere on the document
  • Dictionary: allows students to select and define a word
  • Text-to-speech: reads text aloud
  • Equation: create equations by using the symbols palette 
  • Shapes: draw shapes, ideal for marking areas that need to be quickly recognized
  • Eraser: erase shapes, text, and drawings that have been made on the learning resource
  • Insert Image: easily insert images into a document, such as maps or diagrams

Getting Started with Kami:

  • You must be logged in to your iCivics educator account to use Kami.
  • You’ll know an iCivics lesson is assignable through Kami when you see the “Powered by Kami” logo on the lesson plan page.
  • Not all of our lessons are available via Kami as not every lesson is a perfect fit. We will be working to bring the remaining lessons and printables into a more Kami-friendly format soon.
Find Lessons to Assign with Kami

Get Kami Certified & Join the Kami Community

Whether you’re a newcomer or savvy veteran to Kami, becoming a Kami Certified Educator is a great way to demonstrate your proficiency and get the most out of Kami. The Kami Certified Educator program is open to all educators who want to learn the fundamentals and distinguish themselves as a Kami expert. Learn more about this free certification program to see if it’s a fit for you.

If you want to collaborate with other educators using Kami, you can join the Kami Educators Community Facebook Group or join the wider Kami community on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube for the latest product announcements, features and updates.