Saying Goodbye to Adobe Flash

When iCivics launched its first game in 2009, Adobe Flash was the best development platform to use. But like all games, there is a final level! Web browsers and Adobe have now stopped supporting Adobe Flash. This change has affected some of our games. 

The following iCivics games have been upgraded: Argument Wars, Branches of Power, Cast Your Vote, Counties Work, Court Quest, Do I Have a Right?, Executive Command, Immigration Nation, LawCraft, Race to Ratify, and Win the White House

These games have been removed from our website until upgrades are possible: Activate, Crisis of Nations, People’s Pie, Supreme Decision

We have said a final goodbye to these four games: Power Play, Responsibility Launcher, Represent Me, We the Jury (see below for recommendations and substitutes!)

How does this change affect my classroom?

  • For the most part, it doesn’t! Thanks to generous funding we were able to upgrade many of our games to the Unity platform, and they are still available to you and your students to play.
  • For the games that will no longer be available or are temporarily unavailable until upgrades are possible, explore other resources that cover similar content to adjust your curriculum.
  • Help us say goodbye to our games by sharing your stories with us. Did the tug-of-war of federalism win you over in Power Play? Did you love launching responsibilities in Responsibility Launcher? Have a special story about a student who was impacted by our games? Share your story with us via this form.

Can’t you just make more games?

We’d love to, but it’s not as easy as it seems! iCivics is a small educational nonprofit and our curriculum creation is funded entirely by donations and grants. So, while we have been very busy updating our Flash games to Unity, we didn’t quite reach the finish line in time to save them all. Rest assured that we are continuing to work on upgrades.

Your support can be a game changer!

Our award-winning games have been played more than 100 million times – educating and inspiring young people across the country. They are FREE to play, but not to develop and maintain. Please donate today to help us expand and innovate our games for generations to come, or contact Molly Morrison for more information.